Revel in the Beauty of Space

Everyone who lives in the Okanagan Valley will agree that it is a privilege. Lake, farmland, forest, rocky mountains, wilderness – it all flows together in soft lines and amazing colours. From up in Wilden, you not only oversee this majestic natural beauty, you are immersed in it. Over half of the master-planned community’s 2,000 acres are dedicated to parkland, trails and wildlife.

There are not many places left in this world where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature so close to a vibrant city. Living in Wilden means you’ll never waste time commuting. Everything you need is just minutes away.

Explore the largest master-planned community between Vancouver and Calgary.

For Wilden developer Gerhard Blenk buying this raw piece of land north of downtown Kelowna in the early 1990s was the beginning of a dream. Today the property encompasses over 2,000 acres of prime Kelowna real estate and is being developed into a place where people can live in harmony with nature.

Gerhard Blenk: “My vision was to create a very livable, friendly little village spread throughout the pristine wilderness, with the least possible impact on nature. To ensure that Wilden would always be a picturesque community that blends seamlessly with the natural setting, we developed building guidelines that are attached to the title of every lot. We also work exclusively with four quality builders who share our commitment and enrich our vision with emerging trends and innovative ideas.”

Discover Your Wild Side

Being in nature is known to reduce stress. Even just seeing greenery can improve your mood.
Most homes in Wilden have direct access to nature, inviting you to go outside, or simply relax and enjoy the view.

Meet the People of Wilden

Get to know the management team and local residents who shape the Wilden community. Some work here, some live here, and some are fortunate enough to do both.

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Wilden’s Thriving Nature

The Wilden master plan hinges on the principle of sensitive growth that will sustain the area’s ecosystem and preserve space for wildlife.

Clean Energy

Wilden proudly supports clean energy, and was one of the first communities in British Columbia to incorporate a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Community Impact

Initiating a research project for sustainable home building practices, funding a creativity award, inspiring and supporting future tradespeople: these are some of the ways the Wilden developer’s family works with local partners to make a difference in the community, support the next generation, and help shape the future of the home-building industry.

Media Gallery

See more pictures of our neighborhoods, showhomes and people living here.