Clean energy. No fossile fuels.

Wilden was one of the first communities in British Columbia to incorporate an ecologically sensitive geothermal heating and cooling system.

Benefits come naturally:

  • 50% savings over any other heating/cooling system (2013 rates)
  • Geo systems eliminate the need for unsightly and noisy outdoor A/C units
  • Installing a Geo system in your home is equivalent to removing 1-2 cars from the road
  • Installing a Geo system is equivalent to planting 4-5 acres of trees
  • Geo systems remove all risks of carbon monoxide from fossil fuel combustion
  • Geo systems only use 17-25% of total electrical consumption of the total home usage
  • Appraised value of an average size home increases immediately by $15K with Geothermal

Kelowna Real Estate Developer goes green

Wilden builders and engineers are very experienced in geothermal heating and cooling. We've partnered with industry leaders, Terrasource, to provide clean implementations of geothermal utility services. Ask us for more information.


Benefits of Terrasource:

  • No capital cost for the outdoor geothermal infrastructure (GHX)
  • GHX (ground loop) fees are fixed to CPI index (no surprises in rate change)
  • GHX (ground loop) has lifetime warranty
  • Appraised value of home increases immediately by $5K with a Geothermal utility in place
  • The Terrasource connection fee is paid by Wilden!