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View Wilden single family lots, located in the most desirable neighbourhoods in Kelowna. Select your lot from our lot finder map or table below, and please visit or book a tour. You have to see Wilden to appreciate the natural beauty of property woven throughout the rolling hills and surrounded by green space and yet in close proximity to Kelowna’s amenities.|||| skylands|upper-canyon|lost-creek|rocky-point|forest-edge lots single-family-lots


Single Family Lots

GoAreaLot #AddressSize (sq. ft.)StylePriceStatus
Rocky Point4072 Red Sky Place17,868Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point4176 Red Sky Place13,776Level$539,900Available
Rocky Point4488 Red Sky Place13,132Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point4592 Red Sky Place13,885Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point4696 Red Sky Place13,132Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point52120 Red Sky Place13,778Walkout$559,900Available
Rocky Point56136 Red Sky Place10,872Walkout$559,900Available
Rocky Point60164 Red Sky Place14,962Walkout$599,900Available
Rocky Point61168 Red Sky Place14,101Walkout$599,900Available
Rocky Point62172 Red Sky Place16,038Walkout$629,900Available
Rocky Point82143 Red Sky Court11,733Walkout$519,900Available
Rocky Point83138 Red Sky Court11,625Walkout$559,900Available
Rocky Point648 Red Sky Place13,944Level$399,900Pending
Rocky Point3864 Red Sky Place13,240Level$579,900Pending
Rocky Point4280 Red Sky Place13,993Level$549,900Pending
Rocky Point48104 Red Sky Place13,132Level$549,900Pending
Rocky Point55132 Red Sky Place12,163Walkout$549,900Pending
Rocky Point59160 Red Sky Place15,500Walkout$599,900Pending
Rocky Point6462 Red Sky Court9,233Level$369,900Pending
Rocky Point6566 Red Sky Court9,134Level$379,900Pending
Rocky Point6670 Red Sky Court10,872Level$379,900Pending
Rocky Point6878 Red Sky Court11,194Level$399,900Pending
Rocky Point76110 Red Sky Court15,500Level$544,900Pending
Rocky Point81130 Red Sky Court13,778Level$539,900Pending