Townhome Units

Unit #Size (Sq. Ft.)PriceInfoStatus
Merlin #11835$ 449,900Showhome will be available upon sellout of project. available
Merlin #111835sold
Merlin #121780$ 419,900available
Merlin #131780$ 419,900pending
Merlin #141780$ 419,900available
Merlin #151780$ 419,900available
Merlin #161835$ 434,900pending
Mallard #411915$ 469,900available
Mallard #421890$ 459,900available
Mallard #431890$ 459,900available
Mallard #441915$ 469,900available
Mallard #451915$ 469,900available
Mallard #461890$ 469,900available
Mallard #471890$ 474,900available
Mallard #481915sold
Harlequin #313180sold
Harlequin #323180sold
Harlequin #373180sold
Harlequin #383180$ 594,900pending
Harlequin #393180$ 589,900available
Harlequin #403180$ 579,900available

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Energy Flexibility

Dual Energy – Total Flexibility

Geothermal energy and natural gas: the best of both worlds at your finger tips.

In your Hidden Lake Lookout Townhome the geothermal heat pump is paired with a high efficiency gas furnace. This unprecedented, farsighted energy solution allows you to switch from geothermal heating to natural gas and vice versa.
Air conditioning in summer is provided by geothermal energy, keeping your outdoor space clear of unsightly AC units and the noise that comes with them. We want you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beautiful setting.
In colder seasons when the house needs heating, there are two energy options to choose from: geothermal and gas. This choice can be dependent on your personal preferences or on the current rates for power and gas. The freedom to switch to the most cost-efficient source is built into your townhome adding to its resale value. No matter how prices develop, as the owner of a Lookout Townhome you will always be independent, plus, you can choose to minimize your environmental footprint and help reduce greenhouse gas.