To build or buy – what’s right for you?

Should you buy a townhome or build a custom home? How about buying a resale home in Wilden? Here’s a little checklist to help you find out what’s right for you.


Get exactly what you want: Wilden has such great diversity when it comes to location and you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Use our lotfinder for orientation or come up to meet our sales team at the presentation center and take a tour and visit the sites you have selected. Building from scratch gives you the flexibility to customize everything from the basic design and floor plan to the fixtures and finishes.

It’s easier than you think: Wilden offers predefined home styles and floor plans that are tried and tested and can be customized by our select builders to suit your every need.

It’s a creative process: Yes, it can take a bit more time than finding a resale home, but Wilden makes the experience easy and enjoyable. With three easy steps: Pick a lot. Pick a home design. Pick a builder.

Watching your budget when customizing: Our builders have priced out each of our pre-priced home plans based on a list of pre-defined specifications. This way we make it as easy as possible for you to keep control of your budget. Once you get into the process, make sure that every step is quoted out carefully so there aren’t any surprises.

Setting a date to move in: When sitting down with your builder to plan your home, give them your desired move-in date and get them to do a reverse schedule from there. This way both sides can agree on a building schedule and get prepared for decisions that need to be made at certain times.


Faster timeline: One of the key benefits to buying a Wilden townhome is you can often move in soon after closing on the purchase.

Much less time investment: All you need to do is pick a unit and Wilden Construction will finish it for you as quickly as possible – meeting the high quality standards we are well-known for!

We already found the best quality for your money: Finding quality appliances and finishes requires research and time. When buying a townhome in Wilden, we have already done all the work for you.

Solid prices, solid values: Our price stability works both ways. We protect your values by not giving any discounts. So just as there are no upcharges, there are also no reductions.


Find a customized home that suits your needs while staying within your budget. 

Wilden is a great place to buy a pre-owned home, and not just because the natural setting is so spectacular. Homes are built to the highest standards and follow well thought-out design guidelines. Your home will be surrounded by finished and fully landscaped homes with rich vegetation in a highly desirable, picturesque neighbourhood. Construction has probably moved on to other areas a while ago. And even when after a few years you decide to build, upsize or downsize, you can count on the high resale value of your home.



“In my opinion, Wilden is one of the best investments in the Okanagan because of its superior views, amazing location and such a high quality of preferred builders to choose from. I’m confident that the values in Wilden will continue to appreciate thanks to an amazing leadership team and their commitment to excellence in what they offer their residents.”

Justin O’Connor