Market Square at Wilden Village

Wilden Village & Market Square

The New Social, Economic and Cultural Centre of Wilden


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The Wilden team is opening a dialogue with residents about the Wilden Village and Market Square. When complete Market Square will give residents convenient access to amenities and foster a walkable lifestyle. The surrounding Village will offer an array of housing options.

What are your thoughts and priorities when it comes to planning the commercial area, housing types, school and commons? Join the Info Session and bring your ideas and suggestions.


Book your spot for the Info Session on February 15, 2018 from 5-7pm at the Wilden Presentation Centre, 1454 Rocky Point Drive · Kelowna.

Wilden Village Neighbourhood

The Village is situated at the centre of Wilden’s most prominent network of inter-connected natural wetlands. It is bounded to the west by the forested ridge of the designated Wildlife Corridor; to the east by Union Road; with future neighbourhood development to the north and south. Proposing a modest 20% increase in overall units, the updated Wilden Village Neighbourhood shifts away from Single Family Lots towards Townhomes and mixed-use Apartments.

Waterfront Plaza & Market Square

Celebrating Wilden’s natural landscape, the European-inspired Plaza serves as the defining destination for the Village Neighbourhood. It is surrounded by Market Square with mixed-use buildings, featuring ground-level retail, 2nd level office space and 3 storeys of apartments.

Offering vibrant urban living with south facing views across Wilden Pond, Wilden Plaza and Market Square are envisioned as the heart of Wilden and a treasured destination not only for Wilden residents.

The Commons

Integrated with the Elementary School and playing field, the Commons Community Park serves as the neighbourhood’s backyard. Addressing the primary Village Gateway, the Commons provide a series of both active and passive spaces for community gathering and play; served by a network of pedestrian and cycling pathways woven through the Village. The centrally located Commons Park is planted using native trees featuring a rainwater bio-remediation channel that connects Wilden Pond to Hidden Lake.

waterfront square

A Destination Village in Nature

Wilden Plaza provides the Village with an urban waterfront and community gathering space, also envisioned as a location for outdoor markets and cultural events. Incorporated is the protection and enhancement of the Pond’s unique shoreline trees and amphibian habitat. A riffled fountain, terraced sitting stairs, a boardwalk, turtle nesting slopes and basking islands have been woven into the Plaza concept to celebrate Wilden’s spectacular setting in nature.

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