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Okanagan Modern Rancher Style Home by Lee Mullins (B)

Bring the outside in: Wide open rancher with huge covered patio that brings the Wilden views and nature into a large living area and kitchen. The front den can also double as a guest room with a private bathroom. Private master retreat has a large ensuite with a tiled shower, double sinks and a large walk-in closet. Finish off two more bedrooms and a very large recreation area and you have over 2900 square feet or finish this lower level off as a suite.

Starting at... 369000


Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Depth: 55
Width: 40
Finished Sq. ft.: 1467
Upper Sq. ft.: 0
Lower Sq. ft.: 1467
Unfinished Sq. ft.: 1333
Applicable Lots: Walkout Level 

Applicable lots

GoAreaLot #AddressSize (sq. ft.)StylePriceStatus
Rocky Point4072 Red Sky Place17,868Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point4696 Red Sky Place13,132Level$549,900Available
Rocky Point52120 Red Sky Place13,778Walkout$559,900Available
Rocky Point55132 Red Sky Place12,163Walkout$549,900Available
Rocky Point59160 Red Sky Place15,500Walkout$599,900Available
Rocky Point60164 Red Sky Place14,962Walkout$599,900Available
Rocky Point62172 Red Sky Place16,038Walkout$629,900Available
Rocky Point75106 Red Sky Court15,608Level$559,900Available
Rocky Point83138 Red Sky Court11,625Walkout$559,900Available
Rocky Point3864 Red Sky Place13,240Level$579,900Pending
Rocky Point4488 Red Sky Place13,132Level$549,900Pending
Rocky Point4592 Red Sky Place13,885Level$549,900Pending
Rocky Point61168 Red Sky Place14,101Walkout$599,900Pending
Rocky Point6566 Red Sky Court9,134Level$379,900Pending
Rocky Point6670 Red Sky Court10,872Level$379,900Pending
Rocky Point82143 Red Sky Court11,733Walkout$519,900Pending
Skylands46132 Sky Court 17,115Transition--Showhome
Skylands55123 Sky Court 13,993Walkout--Showhome
Skylands60143 Skyland Drive 8,835Level--Showhome
Skylands61139 Skyland Drive 8,482Level--Showhome
Skylands63131 Skyland Drive 9,006Level--Showhome
Rocky Point81454 Rocky Point Dr.11,432Level$0Showhomes
Rocky Point91458 Rocky Point Dr.10,652Level$0Showhomes
Rocky Point101462 Rocky Point Dr.10,566Level$0Showhomes
Rocky Point111466 Rocky Point Dr.12,770Level$0Showhomes
Clear Pond231366 Clear Pond Ct. 0Level--Sold
Clear Pond11282 Rio Drive 11,625Uphill--Sold
Clear Pond21284 Rio Drive 14,854Uphill--Sold
Clear Pond4274 Clear Pond Pl. 6,770Transition--Sold
Clear Pond5278 Clear Pond Pl. 7,711Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond6282 Clear Pond Pl. 6,888Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond7286 Clear Pond Pl. 6,316Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond8290 Clear Pond Pl. 8,124Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond9294 Clear Pond Pl. 7,950Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond10298 Clear Pond Pl. 9,396Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond11302 Clear Pond Pl. 10,151Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond12306 Clear Pond Pl. 17,976Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond131361 Clear Pond Ct. 8,314Level--Sold
Clear Pond141363 Clear Pond Ct. 8,449Transition--Sold
Clear Pond151365 Clear Pond Ct. 10,872Walkout--Sold
Clear Pond17277 Clear Pond Pl. 8,111Level--Sold
Clear Pond18279 Clear Pond Pl. 10,872Level--Sold
Clear Pond19281 Clear Pond Pl. 13,563Level--Sold
Clear Pond201360 Clear Pond Ct. 14,639Level--Sold
Clear Pond211362 Clear Pond Ct. 14,639Level--Sold
Clear Pond221364 Clear Pond Ct. 14,747Level--Sold
Clear Pond241368 Clear Pond Ct. 20,774Transition--Sold
Lost Creek11322 Rocky Point Drive 9,820Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek21330 Rocky Point Drive 9,465Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek31338 Rocky Point Drive 9,161Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek41346 Rocky Point Drive 9,123Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek51354 Rocky Point Drive 9,519Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek61362 Rocky Point Drive 9,339Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek71370 Rocky Point Drive 9,221Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek81378 Rocky Point Drive 9,320Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek91386 Rocky Point Drive 9,333Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek101394 Rocky Point Drive 9,287Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek111402 Rocky Point Drive 8,932Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek121410 Rocky Point Drive 11,733Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek131409 Rocky Point Drive 11,517Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek141401 Rocky Point Drive 7,969Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek151393 Rocky Point Drive 9,597Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek161385 Rocky Point Drive 9,664Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek171377 Rocky Point Drive 10,127Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek181369 Rocky Point Drive 9,445Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek19110 Lost Creek Court 8,057Level--Sold
Lost Creek20116 Lost Creek Court 7,990Level--Sold
Lost Creek21122 Lost Creek Court 7,068Level--Sold
Lost Creek22128 Lost Creek Court 6,796Level--Sold
Lost Creek23134 Lost Creek Court 6,177Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek24140 Lost Creek Court 6,341Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek25146 Lost Creek Court 10,572Level--Sold
Lost Creek26152 Lost Creek Court 10,509Level--Sold
Lost Creek27158 Lost Creek Court 7,048Level--Sold
Lost Creek28176 Lost Creek Court 7,638Level--Sold
Lost Creek29182 Lost Creek Court 6,967Level--Sold
Lost Creek30188 Lost Creek Court 7,889Transition--Sold
Lost Creek31194 Lost Creek Court 7,539Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek32200 Lost Creek Court 8,097Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek33206 Lost Creek Court 8,685Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek34212 Lost Creek Court 9,394Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek35218 Lost Creek Court 8,848Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek36224 Lost Creek Court 8,259Transition--Sold
Lost Creek37230 Lost Creek Court 7,964Level--Sold
Lost Creek38236 Lost Creek Court 8,980Transition--Sold
Lost Creek39242 Lost Creek Court 8,050Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek40248 Lost Creek Court 15,500Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek41249 Lost Creek Court 25,726Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek42243 Lost Creek Court 6,641Transition--Sold
Lost Creek43237 Lost Creek Court 6,608Level--Sold
Lost Creek44231 Lost Creek Court 7,130Level--Sold
Lost Creek45225 Lost Creek Court 6,436Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek46219 Lost Creek Court 6,654Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek47213 Lost Creek Court 6,290Uphill--Sold
Lost Creek48207 Lost Creek Court 6,758Level--Sold
Lost Creek49201 Lost Creek Court 6,657Level--Sold
Lost Creek50195 Lost Creek Court 6,142Level--Sold
Lost Creek51189 Lost Creek Court 6,533Level--Sold
Lost Creek52183 Lost Creek Court 6,022Level--Sold
Lost Creek54123 Lost Creek Court 14,208Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek55117 Lost Creek Court 8,880Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek56111 Lost Creek Court 7,765Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek57208 Lost Creek Place 9,547Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek58214 Lost Creek Place 7,881Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek59220 Lost Creek Place 7,070Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek60226 Lost Creek Place 5,856Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek61232 Lost Creek Place 7,394Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek62238 Lost Creek Place 25,941Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek63246 Lost Creek Lane 23,788Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek64240 Lost Creek Lane 7,942Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek65234 Lost Creek Lane 7,484Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek66228 Lost Creek Lane 7,420Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek67222 Lost Creek Lane 7,325Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek68216 Lost Creek Lane 7,989Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek69210 Lost Creek Lane7,913Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek70204 Lost Creek Lane6,331Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek71198 Lost Creek Lane 7,199Walkout--Sold
Lost Creek72191 Lost Creek Place 7,832Level--Sold
Lost Creek73179 Lost Creek Place 7,635Level--Sold
Rocky Point11455 Rocky Point Dr.9,626Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point21459 Rocky Point Dr.7,093Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point31463 Rocky Point Dr.8,946Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point456 Red Sky Place12,812Level--Sold
Rocky Point552 Red Sky Place13,727Level--Sold
Rocky Point648 Red Sky Place13,944Level--Sold
Rocky Point71450 Rocky Point Dr.12,527Level--Sold
Rocky Point121470 Rocky Point Dr.12,842Level--Sold
Rocky Point131474 Rocky Point Dr.12,181Level--Sold
Rocky Point141478 Rocky Point Dr.12,464Level--Sold
Rocky Point151482 Rocky Point Dr.12,185Level--Sold
Rocky Point161486 Rocky Point Dr.12,253Level--Sold
Rocky Point171490 Rocky Point Dr.12,138Level--Sold
Rocky Point181491 Rocky Point Dr.23,133Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point191495 Rocky Point Dr.19,449Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point201499 Rocky Point Dr.25,958Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point211503 Rocky Point Dr.29,383Level--Sold
Rocky Point221507 Rocky Point Dr.18,259Level--Sold
Rocky Point231511 Rocky Point Dr.17,057Level--Sold
Rocky Point241515 Rocky Point Dr.17,457Level--Sold
Rocky Point251519 Rocky Point Dr.18,794Level--Sold
Rocky Point261523 Rocky Point Dr.22,426Level--Sold
Rocky Point271527 Rocky Point Dr.19,747Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point281531 Rocky Point Dr.19,841Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point291535 Rocky Point Dr.20,295Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point301539 Rocky Point Dr.18,421Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point311543 Rocky Point Dr.18,555Level--Sold
Rocky Point321547 Rocky Point Dr.17,016Level--Sold
Rocky Point331551 Rocky Point Dr.16,550Level--Sold
Rocky Point341555 Rocky Point Dr.19,918Level--Sold
Rocky Point351559 Rocky Point Dr.49,062Level--Sold
Skylands1306 Upper Canyon Drive 12,594Walkout--Sold
Skylands2302 Upper Canyon Drive 6,878Walkout--Sold
Skylands3298 Upper Canyon Drive 9,815Walkout--Sold
Skylands4294 Upper Canyon Drive 12,056Walkout--Sold
Skylands5290 Upper Canyon Drive 12,809Walkout--Sold
Skylands6286 Upper Canyon Drive 11,194Walkout--Sold
Skylands7282 Upper Canyon Drive 12,701Walkout--Sold
Skylands8278 Upper Canyon Drive 11,840Transition--Sold
Skylands9274 Upper Canyon Drive 10,979Level--Sold
Skylands10270 Upper Canyon Drive11,625Level--Sold
Skylands11266 Upper Canyon Drive10,498Level--Sold
Skylands12262 Upper Canyon Drive10,872Level--Sold
Skylands13258 Upper Canyon Drive10,048Level--Sold
Skylands14254 Upper Canyon Drive10,097Level--Sold
Skylands15250 Upper Canyon Drive 25,941Uphill--Sold
Skylands16252 Triple Tree Place 13,132Level--Sold
Skylands17256 Triple Tree Place 8,993Transition--Sold
Skylands18260 Triple Tree Place 10,047Walkout--Sold
Skylands19264 Triple Tree Place 8,986Walkout--Sold
Skylands20268 Triple Tree Place 10,439Walkout--Sold
Skylands21272 Triple Tree Place 35,198Walkout--Sold
Skylands22255 Triple Tree Place 10,198Uphill--Sold
Skylands23224 Upper Canyon Drive 8,367Uphill--Sold
Skylands24220 Upper Canyon Drive 9,201Uphill--Sold
Skylands25214 Wilden Ridge Drive 9,898Level--Sold
Skylands26210 Wilden Ridge Drive 9,583Level--Sold
Skylands27206 Wilden Ridge Drive 12,056Level--Sold
Skylands28202 Wilden Ridge Drive 12,163Level--Sold
Skylands29198 Wilden Ridge Drive 8,671Uphill--Sold
Skylands30194 Wilden Ridge Drive 7,958Uphill--Sold
Skylands31190 Wilden Ridge Drive 26,049Uphill--Sold
Skylands32176 Skyland Drive 48,976Walkout--Sold
Skylands33174 Skyland Drive 24,326Walkout--Sold
Skylands34172 Skyland Drive 27,663Walkout--Sold
Skylands35170 Skyland Drive 32,292Walkout--Sold
Skylands36168 Skyland Drive 36,705Walkout--Sold
Skylands37166 Skyland Drive 10,687Walkout--Sold
Skylands38164 Skyland Drive 12,378Walkout--Sold
Skylands39162 Skyland Drive 36,705Walkout--Sold
Skylands40160 Skyland Drive 24,004Level--Sold
Skylands41158 Skyland Drive 19,913Level--Sold
Skylands42154 Skyland Drive 16,899Level--Sold
Skylands43150 Skyland Drive 17,438Level--Sold
Skylands44146 Skyland Drive 16,684Level--Sold
Skylands45142 Skyland Drive 17,545Level--Sold
Skylands47130 Sky Court 12,701Walkout--Sold
Skylands48128 Sky Court 14,101Walkout--Sold
Skylands49126 Sky Court 13,670Transition--Sold
Skylands50124 Sky Court 16,361Level--Sold
Skylands51122 Sky Court 20,882Level--Sold
Skylands52120 Sky Court 26,587Level--Sold
Skylands53121 Sky Court 47,038Level--Sold
Skylands54125 Sky Court 11,087Walkout--Sold
Skylands56159 Skyland Drive 9,122Level--Sold
Skylands57155 Skyland Drive 7,169Level--Sold
Skylands58151 Skyland Drive 7,212Level--Sold
Skylands59147 Skyland Drive 7,651Level--Sold
Skylands62135 Skyland Drive 7,623Level--Sold
Skylands64127 Skyland Drive 9,706Level--Sold
Skylands65136 Ledge Rock Court 14,101Level--Sold
Skylands66140 Ledge Rock Court 8,682Level--Sold
Skylands67144 Ledge Rock Court 8,209Level--Sold
Skylands68148 Ledge Rock Court 7,355Level--Sold
Skylands69152 Ledge Rock Court 6,901Level--Sold
Skylands70156 Ledge Rock Court 14,424Level--Sold
Skylands71171 Skyland Drive 21,851Level--Sold
Skylands72157 Ledge Rock Court 36,813Walkout--Sold
Skylands73153 Ledge Rock Court 29,924Walkout--Sold
Skylands74149 Ledge Rock Court 21,743Walkout--Sold
Skylands75145 Ledge Rock Court 24,649Walkout--Sold
Skylands76141 Ledge Rock Court 23,035Walkout--Sold
Skylands77137 Ledge Rock Court 13,778Walkout--Sold
Skylands78133 Ledge Rock Court 12,486Walkout--Sold
Skylands79129 Ledge Rock Court 18,083Walkout--Sold
Skylands80117 Skyland Drive 60,386Transition--Sold
Skylands81115 Skyland Drive 56,295Level--Sold
Skylands82113 Skyland Drive 34,122Level--Sold
Skylands83111 Skyland Drive 33,153Level--Sold
Skylands84109 Skyland Drive 33,045Level--Sold
Skylands85107 Skyland Drive 29,708Transition--Sold
Skylands86105 Skyland Drive 26,910Walkout--Sold
Skylands87103 Skyland Drive 33,583Walkout--Sold
Skylands88101 Skyland Drive 72,549Walkout--Sold
Skylands89104 Skyland Drive 42,733Walkout--Sold
Skylands90106 Skyland Drive 30,570Walkout--Sold
Skylands91108 Skyland Drive 25,618Walkout--Sold
Skylands92110 Skyland Drive 24,219Transition--Sold
Skylands93112 Skyland Drive 23,250Level--Sold
Skylands94114 Skyland Drive 15,931Level--Sold
Upper Canyon1109 Upper Canyon Dr. N82,774Level--Sold
Upper Canyon2113 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,087Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon3117 Upper Canyon Dr. N24,542Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon4121 Upper Canyon Dr. N18,406Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon5147 Upper Canyon Dr. N32,292Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon6151 Upper Canyon Dr. N13,347Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon7155 Upper Canyon Dr. N12,809Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon8159 Upper Canyon Dr. N12,486Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon9163 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,948Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon10167 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,517Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon11171 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,087Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon12175 Upper Canyon Dr. N10,579Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon13179 Upper Canyon Dr. N10,250Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon14183 Upper Canyon Dr. N9,312Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon15187 Upper Canyon Dr. N9,079Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon16191 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,951Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon17195 Upper Canyon Dr. N22,497Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon18211 Upper Canyon Dr. N21,313Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon19215 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,302Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon20219 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,087Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon21223 Upper Canyon Dr. N12,056Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon22227 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,302Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon23231 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,733Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon24235 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,517Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon25239 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,625Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon26243 Upper Canyon Dr. N11,410Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon27247 Upper Canyon Dr. N10,502Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon28251 Upper Canyon Dr. N9,199Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon29255 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,547Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon30259 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,055Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon31263 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,034Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon32267 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,455Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon33271 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,455Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon34275 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,034Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon35279 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,033Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon36283 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,733Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon37287 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,894Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon38291 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,479Transition--Sold
Upper Canyon39295 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,797Level--Sold
Upper Canyon40303 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,787Level--Sold
Upper Canyon41308 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,958Level--Sold
Upper Canyon42304 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,169Level--Sold
Upper Canyon43300 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,418Level--Sold
Upper Canyon44296 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,169Level--Sold
Upper Canyon45292 Upper Canyon Dr. N6,929Level--Sold
Upper Canyon46288 Upper Canyon Dr. N10,979Level--Sold
Upper Canyon47284 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,648Transition--Sold
Upper Canyon48280 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,890Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon49276 Upper Canyon Dr. N7,585Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon50272 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,145Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon51268 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,246Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon52264 Upper Canyon Dr. N16,469Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon53230 Upper Canyon Dr. N13,024Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon54226 Upper Canyon Dr. N9,757Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon55222 Upper Canyon Dr. N10,187Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon56218 Upper Canyon Dr. N9,739Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon57214 Upper Canyon Dr. N8,178Uphill--Sold
Upper Canyon58157 Red Rock Court10,446Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon59161 Red Rock Court6,416Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon60165 Red Rock Court7,253Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon61169 Red Rock Court7,510Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon62173 Red Rock Court8,500Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon63177 Red Rock Court8,978Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon64181 Red Rock Court9,280Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon65185 Red Rock Court9,698Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon66189 Red Rock Court9,514Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon67193 Red Rock Court9,362Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon68197 Red Rock Court9,463Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon69201 Red Rock Court9,957Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon70205 Red Rock Court10,300Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon71209 Red Rock Court9,342Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon72213 Red Rock Court10,764Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon73217 Red Rock Court16,361Walkout--Sold
Upper Canyon74221 Red Rock Court31,538Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge12 Forest Edge Dr.6,142Level--Sold
Forest Edge26 Forest Edge Dr.6,942Level--Sold
Forest Edge310 Forest Edge Dr.6,638Level--Sold
Forest Edge414 Forest Edge Dr.5,763Level--Sold
Forest Edge518 Forest Edge Dr.7,074Level--Sold
Forest Edge622 Forest Edge Dr.9,112Level--Sold
Forest Edge717 Forest Edge Dr.7,728Uphill--Sold
Forest Edge821 Forest Edge Dr.7,291Uphill--Sold
Forest Edge925 Forest Edge Dr.8,296Uphill--Sold
Forest Edge1029 Forest Edge Dr.8,634Uphill--Sold
Forest Edge1133 Forest Edge Dr.8,332Uphill--Sold
Forest Edge1237 Forest Edge Dr.7,697Transition--Sold
Forest Edge1341 Forest Edge Dr.6,840Level--Sold
Forest Edge1445 Forest Edge Dr.7,162Level--Sold
Forest Edge1549 Forest Edge Dr.6,199Level--Sold
Forest Edge1653 Forest Edge Dr.6,594Level--Sold
Forest Edge1757 Forest Edge Dr.6,977Level--Sold
Forest Edge1861 Forest Edge Dr.6,037Level--Sold
Forest Edge1965 Forest Edge Dr.6,697Level--Sold
Forest Edge2071 Forest Edge Dr.5,727Level--Sold
Forest Edge2175 Forest Edge Dr.5,332Level--Sold
Forest Edge2279 Forest Edge Dr.5,720Level--Sold
Forest Edge2383 Forest Edge Dr.5,718Level--Sold
Forest Edge2487 Forest Edge Dr.6,113Level--Sold
Forest Edge2588 Forest Edge Dr.8,256Level--Sold
Forest Edge2684 Forest Edge Dr.7,425Level--Sold
Forest Edge2780 Forest Edge Dr7,040Level--Sold
Forest Edge2876 Forest Edge Dr.6,191Level--Sold
Forest Edge2972 Forest Edge Dr.5,853Level--Sold
Forest Edge30103 Split Pine Ct6,075Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge31107 Split Pine Ct5,965Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge32111 Split Pine Ct5,965Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge33115 Split Pine Ct6,399Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge34119 Split Pine Ct5,965Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge35123 Split Pine Ct5,964Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge36127 Split Pine Ct6,421Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge37131 Split Pine Ct6,045Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge38135 Split Pine Ct5,737Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge39139 Split Pine Ct6,416Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge40143 Split Pine Ct12,701Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge41130 Split Pine Ct6,564Level--Sold
Forest Edge42126 Split Pine Ct5,555Level--Sold
Forest Edge43122 Split Pine Ct6,534Level--Sold
Forest Edge44118 Split Pine Ct5,846Level--Sold
Forest Edge45114 Split Pine Ct5,585Level--Sold
Forest Edge46110 Split Pine Ct6,293Level--Sold
Forest Edge47106 Split Pine Ct6,713Level--Sold
Forest Edge4898 Forest Edge Pl10,610Level--Sold
Forest Edge4999 Forest Edge Pl7,720Level--Sold
Forest Edge50103 Forest Edge Pl7,400Level--Sold
Forest Edge51107 Forest Edge Pl7,303Level--Sold
Forest Edge52111 Forest Edge Pl8,138Level--Sold
Forest Edge53115 Forest Edge Pl8,338Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge54119 Forest Edge Pl7,812Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge55123 Forest Edge Pl7,623Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge57131 Forest Edge Pl7,731Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge59139 Forest Edge Pl7,620Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge60143 Forest Edge Pl6,441Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge61147 Forest Edge Pl5,875Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge62151 Forest Edge Pl8,486Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge63155 Forest Edge Pl12,486Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge56127 Forest Edge Pl7,417Walkout--Sold
Forest Edge58135 Forest Edge Pl7,140Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point3760 Red Sky Place13,993Level--Sold
Rocky Point3968 Red Sky Place23,896Level--Sold
Rocky Point4176 Red Sky Place13,776Level--Sold
Rocky Point4280 Red Sky Place13,993Level--Sold
Rocky Point4384 Red Sky Place13,993Level--Sold
Rocky Point47100 Red Sky Place13,885Level--Sold
Rocky Point48104 Red Sky Place13,132Level--Sold
Rocky Point49108 Red Sky Place13,993Level--Sold
Rocky Point50112 Red Sky Place13,563Level--Sold
Rocky Point51116 Red Sky Place14,424Transition--Sold
Rocky Point53124 Red Sky Place12,917Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point54128 Red Sky Place13,563Level--Sold
Rocky Point56136 Red Sky Place10,872Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point57140 Red Sky Place14,208Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point58156 Red Sky Place21,097Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point63176 Red Sky Place25,573Walkout--Sold
Rocky Point6462 Red Sky Court9,233Level--Sold
Rocky Point6774 Red Sky Court11,194Level--Sold
Rocky Point6878 Red Sky Court11,194Level--Sold
Rocky Point6982 Red Sky Court10,764Level--Sold
Rocky Point7086 Red Sky Court11,087Level--Sold
Rocky Point7190 Red Sky Court11,410Level--Sold
Rocky Point7294 Red Sky Court10,608Level--Sold
Rocky Point7398 Red Sky Court10,579Level--Sold
Rocky Point74102 Red Sky Court13,563Level--Sold
Rocky Point76110 Red Sky Court15,500Level--Sold
Rocky Point77114 Red Sky Court13,993Level--Sold
Rocky Point78118 Red Sky Court12,163Level--Sold
Rocky Point79122 Red Sky Court13,024Level--Sold
Rocky Point80126 Red Sky Court14,208Level--Sold
Rocky Point81130 Red Sky Court13,778Level--Sold
Rocky Point84142 Red Sky Court20,990Walkout--Sold

Please Note:

Final plan siting needs to be confirmed with your Wilden Select Builder. Applicable lots are only shown to give you first orientation.
* Price ranges shown are based on a number of factors including but not limited to specific lot conditions, schedule for construction start and expected weather conditions over the course of construction. Purchasers are encouraged to discuss the details of pricing with each of the Wilden Select Builders. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.